About us

Bomerango is a lighting brand developed in 2014 in Portugal, surrounded by nature.

Our focus on creating and developing products using natural materials combined with creativity, innovation and attention to detail results in unique objects with a natural look.




To promote the unique features of nature in home interior design
To promote sustainable products inspired by nature
To promote functional and good quality products
To boost the client’s well-being by promoting a more dynamic and creative lifestyle
To promote design and materials made in Portugal


Bomerango was developed and produced in an innovation camp that in a small village in northern Portugal. The brand combines creativity, nature and well-being and aims at translating these values into its products



Bomerango products are produced using sustainable materials, like wood-based materials, cardboard or recycled fabrics. Having sustainability and environmental concerns into consideration, trees are planted in the company’s grounds.



Design, product development and production go hand in hand with the goal of developing funcional products that have a smaller environmental impact.

Surplus production materials are recycled or donated to schools.


The team

Our team is made up of a small group of people who work in different areas of expertise, like design, development, production, marketing and sales. Our goal as a team is to take each other’s background and use it to develop unique products



Our products are delivered, in easy to ship and to assemble flat packs, which reduce waste, guarantee competitive price and allow clients to engage in the process. The client gets the product in a single  cardboard package, with assembly instructions and product details, so that the assembly is fuss free.




Our products are function oriented, thus responding to clients’ needs and promoting a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle.